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So let us believe we have a situation like the a single in the picture shown underneath, and that we are connected with an OpenVPN consumer plan on the computer system (blue) on the left, to the Entry Server (environmentally friendly) in the middle, and that we are not able to attain the server on the proper (purple). This is a pretty very simple situation. In our example our OpenVPN customer has VPN IP address 172. 27. 232. four and the Obtain Server itself has IP handle 192. 168. 47. 133 , and the concentrate on server we are attempting to attain has IP handle 192. 168. forty seven. 252 .

Let’s presume that you have configured the OpenVPN Access Server adequately and it is at the moment configured in VPN Configurations to give entry to 192. 168. forty seven. 252/32 through the certainly, employing routing (innovative) method. Let us also think that the subnet in your regional community is a unique one particular from the just one applied where the Obtain Server is.

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We are assuming that you’ve gone by the checklist higher than and that none of the difficulties stated there implement, but that you are continue to not able to reach the purple concentrate on server. Let’s start our assessments. Using traceroute on the customer. This software is beneficial in figuring out the place visitors is attempting to go, from your VPN client pc. Let us say you are connected with your Windows personal computer to an OpenVPN server, and you are owning problems achieving a particular procedure powering the Accessibility Server, or on the Accessibility Server.

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One particular of the methods you can try is traceroute to the IP handle that you want to attain. For case in point in Windows command prompt you can use tracert which is the limited identify that is extraordinary site to share about made use of on Home windows running techniques for the traceroute software. We use the -d parameter so that tracert doesn’t consider to locate matching host names with every IP handle, as that would acquire a prolonged time and will likely fail anyhow. Using tracert/traceroute on Home windows:I preferred to arrive at target IP deal with 192. 168. forty seven. 252 which is only reachable via the OpenVPN tunnel to my Entry Server at 192. 168. forty seven. 133 . My VPN client’s IP tackle is still 172. 27. 232. 4 as in the diagram supplied previously mentioned. What we can see in the outcomes previously mentioned is that the pretty very first deal with on the route from the VPN consumer to the focus on is 172. 27. 232. 1 .

That is the interior VPN consumer subnet IP handle of my OpenVPN Obtain Server by itself. This implies that the website traffic with a place of 192. 168. 47. 252 is undoubtedly 1st attempting to go via the VPN tunnel, and from there it can arrive at its location. This currently provides us one particular helpful summary, even if techniques two and 3 failed to do the job. Even if only move 1 labored, then obviously the targeted traffic is making it into the OpenVPN tunnel and to the OpenVPN Access Server.

So whatever the trouble is, it is not likely to now be at the customer aspect. If at the incredibly initially step it didn’t even check out to get hold of the VPN server’s inside VPN subnet, then most likely there is a missing route, or you are using open up resource client without administrative privileges, or there is a subnet conflict, or permissions are set up wrong in some way on the server. Using TCPdump and ping to check the path. Go to the OpenVPN Accessibility Server’s console or start an SSH session to that server and attain root privileges.

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